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Founded: 2016
Publisher: Aksaray University
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As of 2024-03-18, our journal has been approved for the inclusion in ERIH PLUS international index. We sincerely extend our special thanks to the editorial board and authors for their invaluable contributions. 


 Please use the ready documents in Journal Files section for your submissions. Your submissions need to involve the following documents:

-Manuscript File without Author Details (Remove all the information describing you, your institution, and etc./ Use the IHEAD Şablon-Template-2024)
-Ethical Committee Report (For studies not requiring ethical committee report, use the Ethical Issues Declaration Form for Authors )
-Title Page
-Copyright Confirmation Form
-Itentichate Report (Not exceeding 15% -excluding references section and direct quotations)
-Response to Reviewers Files (Not necessary for the submission. Use it during the review processes)


Ihlara Journal of Educational Research, operating within the Faculty of Education at Aksaray University, is an international, peer-reviewed journal published twice a year. Our journal includes quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research articles, review studies, and book analyses regarding all fields of education.

Ihlara Journal of Educational Research aims to publish original scientific studies produced at national and international levels and contribute to the education field. The journal aims to create an international platform where academicians, teachers and graduate students in the field of education and sub-fields of education can come together, both among themselves and with policymakers and other stakeholders of education, to discuss the innovations that need to be made to provide a better education opportunity for future generations. 

2023 - Volume: 8 Issue: 2

Dear Colleagues,
We are very pleased to announce that the latest issue of IHEAD (Vol. 8- Iss. 2) has been released. We kindly want to express our speacial thanks to the editorial board members, reviewers, and authors for their invaluable contribution to this issue. Also, we are delighted to announce that the next issue (Vol. 9- Iss. 1) of the IHEAD will be available online in June, 2024. As of January, 2024, IHEAD will accept submission in English along with Turkish. Handling your papers within the scope education for the next issue will be a great pleasure for us. Many thanks in advance for your contributions.
Editorial Board

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